Client Endorsements

Before we decided to retain Bill to sell our home, we read the glowing accounts
that other homeowners had written regarding Bill´s capabilities. We wondered whether this guy
could really be that good. Believe us, he really is!!!!! We feel truly blessed that our path crossed
with Bill´s, and we wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone that wants to sell
their house at top dollar, be pampered, have the details effectively handled by a professional,
and actually enjoy what otherwise could be one of the most stressful events in your life!!!”
Phil & Kathy Dunn

“Bill sold our house quickly and for a great price. His marketing
strategy worked exactly as he predicted. Even our escrow officer said
they love working with Bill, because he is so organized yet easy-going.”
Samantha & Bjorn Jones

“I really enjoyed working with Bill. He truly knows the market,
very professional and his attention to detail was exceptional.
Very helpful, always available, great tips on presentation of the house.”
Laurie Shields

“This was a complicated multi-party transaction with a very short close.
Bill did everything to get everyone on the same page.
He is an ultra-professional Realtor.”
Jennifer & Kent Woodward

If we could deal with people like Bill in all our professional activities
we´d be the happiest people on the planet. He´s the one we will now
compare all others to – God help them. Bill´s a gem, a truly
wonderful person.”
Larry & Mary Mesa

“This is my third house deal with Bill – two purchases,
one sold. He listens, responds and acts on problems.
Very cooperative and helpful.” Connie G. Myers

“Bill is a very knowledgeable agent.
He advised me in making the house more “sell-able.”
It worked and we sold the house in only 3 days.” Gary Fujii

“Bill is the most experienced and detailed oriented agent around.
Thank you Bill for selling my home for more than the asking price!
You are a great agent!” Larry and Jackie Yu

“I have been buying and selling property through Bill
for the past 9+ years! He´s the only agent I will use!”
Robert Webster

“Bill came highly recommended by friends and their recommendations
were justified. He did an outstanding job of keeping me informed on all aspects
of selling my house. He was conscientious and was sensitive to my concerns.
I definitely plan to have Bill represent me again.”
Joyce Hirano

“Professional, highly motivated, fun to work with.
Exceptionally helpful with home preparation. Bill has
a fabulous eye for how to best present the home!”
Carolyn & Paul Turner

“Bill followed up frequently on all matters. He was of great assistance
in helping deal with various referrals, etc.. Bill was the single most
available business person I have ever dealt with. I don´t recall
ever not being able to reach him right away.”
Gordon A. Hunter

“Has the complete interest of those he represents.
Knows his business well. Is very much a professional.
Conscientious, and very sound ethically.
Knows how to deal and work with people.”
Al & Jean Kanemoto

Bill was exceptional. We look forward to writing a letter of recommendation
for Bill in the coming weeks. He planned for, and took care of, every
detail of this transaction. There is none better!” Phil & Kathy Dunn

“My past real estate transactions have been gut-wrenching,
frustrating experiences. And I must say, throughout this sale,
I waited for the “other shoe to drop.” But to my surprise and delight,
due to Bill´s handling, this whole process was virtually
flawless and painless! Thanks, for everything.”
Sherry Kelly

“Bill is a pro. His handling of a house sale
and new home purchase, made the process smooth,
seamless, and trauma-free. Thanks, Bill!!”
Stan Jones

“Bill was wonderful in every aspect. I wish I could get Bill
to handle all my business affairs. Thank you Bill!!!”
Kathryn Laas

“Bill was the very best of the best. He more than did what he
was supposed to do. I recommend him to anyone who
wants a professional.” Michael & Kathy Alexander

“What impressed us most was Bill´s professionalism.
His knowledge and experience helped us through
the myriad of issues in selling our house.”
Adam & Mingxia Pan

“Bill Bonner is extremely knowledgeable regarding real estate matters
and very responsible, reliable, and to the point. He is professional
and does not waste time. It was a real pleasure working with him.
We would recommend him whole-heartedly to anyone who needs
to buy or sell real estate. Whoever chooses Bill Bonner
as their agent will definitely be a winner.”
Soheil Loghmanpour

“Bill Bonner is to real estate as Mark McGwire is to baseball.
A class act in a league of his own, and great
for everyone concerned.”
Chad Garber

“We both have years of experience in real estate. As an agent, Bill
is superior – the best we´ve seen. His attention to detail and continuous
communication approach is very refreshing. We are satisfied customers!
Thank you, Bill!  Jim & Olga Martin-Steele

“Bill is very professional. We have moved out to Asia
and he did everything to take care of the sale. He has done
an excellent job! Have him represent you, too!”
Walter & June Lee

“This is the second time Bill has represented us and each time
he has gone out of his way to ensure that our needs were met.
He has always done his best and more. Thanks, Bill.”
Christopher and Beatrice Teng

“Bill Bonner gets an A+ from this teacher. He is highly ethical,
efficient and knowledgeable. People would be unwise
to choose any other Realtor to represent them
…buying or selling. Thanks, Bill.”
Marilyn Clark

“Bill is an excellent agent. He was always accessible, very
accommodating and never left a call unreturned. This has been
a smooth process and I would highly recommend him to others
for his services.” Daryll Johnston

“Anyone listing their home who lives out of state would have
100% satisfaction with Bill. He handled every aspect of the sale!”
Tane´ Friedrich

” Bill is a professional and knows his market well. Bill´s attention
to detail and consideration of our concerns made our selling
experience a pleasant one!” Richard & Shari Reyes

“Bill made selling our home an easy task. He also took care
of all the details for us and was there every step of the way.
Thanks Bill!” Elke & Martin Kleinke

“Excellent and professional service. Bill is a consummate
professional and a very personable man. He was a pleasure to
work with and made the entire process easy and stress-free.”
Ernie & Susan Boone

“Bill worked 24/7 on the sale of my home. I felt at ease
and he was on top of all the details. Bill stayed calm
and helped us to relax during a stressful time.
Thanks, you were wonderful!”
Christina Molnar

“Very familiar with the housing market keeping up with the trend.
Extremely professional, soft spoken and cool nature.”
Ranjit S. & Manjeet K. Grewal

“Our more than 5 year relationship with Bill Bonner led us to a complete trust
in his real estate talents. Bill is one of the most professional, thorough,
knowledgeable and dependable persons we have ever worked with.
He always made us feel that our interests were his first concern.
He comes highly recommended from this household.”
Donna Reith

“Bill´s expert knowledge is so helpful when buying or selling.
Bill addressed and covered completely every detail of our transaction.
It seemed as if he was our consultant and advisor with market savvy
rather than a “sales” agent.” Dave & Schelene Heglund

“After many disappointing experiences buying and selling over the years,
Mr. Bonner restored our faith in agents. We recommend him
to all our friends and neighbors. We wish him the best.”
Lewis & Gabriele Sterlacci

“Bill helped to set the right price for our home. He used numerous tools
(open houses, ads, fliers, etc.) for maximum exposure. Specifically,
his flier for our home was excellent! We believe our home sold
on the strength of this promotional tool.”
Jeff & Heather Small